A Sunflower : Oil Pastel Painting

A sunflower : oil pastel painting


Do you know how much does a smile worth? And how much does happiness cost? What is the value of Love if it was sold? I think these are something worthwhile for me! And they cannot be sold or exchanged with money!  I am sure that I will choose a name with the meaning of happiness and merry for my child in future! I know there is nothing more important than a SMILE, a heart full of pure Love and a soul filled with Joy.

Ok, I am working on the “The Roses in Cyan Vase” picture and it is unfinished. So I want to show one of my old painting(year : 2010)  which I painted it with oil pastel. Yeah! A sunflower! 😀 A friend of mine told me that it is look like some impressionists’ artworks. I am not sure whether he is true or not. Perhaps it remind him, Van Gogh’s  “The sunflowers” .


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  1. I am smiling with glee at this piece, Zeinab! The sunflower looks like it is looking at me, the viewer! I love that feeling. I am horrible with oil pastels so can identify with the skill it took to render this image. The colors are lovely and enhance the lifelike and playful quality of this flower!


    • Thank you dear!
      it is a little hard to render images with oil pastel, because some colors can not cover the others!
      and also it is harmful for skins because of rubbing the colors on paper!
      may be the viewer ( specially you) is like a sun 😀 warm and lovely , so it look at you, Dera leslie!


  2. what a wonderfully detailed piece! the flower is so clear it just leaps of the page! beautiful!


  3. What a lovely piece. I daresay I like this better then Van Gogh’s.


  4. aloha Zeinab – the subject may be the same as some of Van Gogh’s work but the style is more uniquely your own (imo).


  5. Posted by Oscar Rendón Aldaraca on June 15, 2011 at 5:38 am

    Yours is closer to impressionist but in a realistic way than Van Gogh that was expressionist, and not very realistic. You have a very good “técnica”, and with soft manners, very decorative, but Van Gogh used oil painting and was a very energetic and tormented person that can be seen in his paintings. Yours is of a happy, and calm nature, with the softness of dry pastels, but using oil. Exquisit.


  6. Beautiful piece! I just started working in oil pastels. How did you get such a sharp line on the petals? Great work! 🙂


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