The roses in basket : (colored pencil painting and conte-charcoal pencil drawing)

The roses is basket (colored pencils painting)

 Again I add a new post with 2 floral pieces of artworks.” The roses in basket ” that I painted with colored pencils and I drew it with charcoal-conte pencil.

The roses in basket conte-charcoal pencil drawing


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  1. I am sorry I have missed your recent work. These are wonderful. Very complex and difficult details. It is so much fun to see how you are developing and changing!


  2. Both drawings are quite lovely.


  3. Wow this work is amazing. The picture is wonderfully rendered and realistic. A very majestic and bountiful still live. Beautiful and stunning work.


  4. home
    How long are you applying this design? I was searching for similar to the idea with regard to my home weblog.


  5. I really like being able to view this in two mediums, Zeinab. I like them both! I see your style carried through from one to the other, also.


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