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The roses in basket : (colored pencil painting and conte-charcoal pencil drawing)

The roses is basket (colored pencils painting)

 Again I add a new post with 2 floral pieces of artworks.” The roses in basket ” that I painted with colored pencils and I drew it with charcoal-conte pencil.

The roses in basket conte-charcoal pencil drawing


Som unfinished artworks (oil painting and colored pencils)

The result of PhD examination was published last week and I was rejected, unfortunately. I know that I am a talented student, the only reason for rejecting me and other genius is political. I was too sad, desperate. I wish I could continue my studying. So nowadays I prefer painting and painting.

These are some unfinished art works which I am painting.

The first one is The Chain of hearts. This is one of my desires that all people respect  each other.

Chain of hearts (oil painting on canvas) unfinished

 The second is “A bird is singing” which I am painting with Fine oils on Winsor canvas.

A bird is singing ( oil painting on canvas) unfinished


The third one is “The water lilies”. I think I have to paint flowers again.


The waterlillies (oil painting on canvas) unfinished


The forth on is “Gazania flowers”.

The Gazania flowers (oil painting on canvas) unfinished

And the last one is “The roses” which I am painting with colored pencils.


The roses (colored pensils) unfinished


The blue birds : colored pencil & The white Chrysanthemums :oil painting on specil paper

The blue birds :  ; I painted these blue birds with Faber-Castel polychromos colored pencil.

The blue birds-colored pencil painting

The white Chrysanthemums ; I painted these flowers with oil paints on a special piece of paper which is similar to canvas.

The white Chrysanthemum -oil painting on specil paper

Natalie Portman’s Portrait: (finished) Colored pencil Painting


Natalie Portman's Portrait : colored pencil (23cm*18cm)

I finished it, finally. Because I am  accustomed to paint portrait alive, I can not gain the similarity when I paint by help of a photo.

For next week, I will paint some hearts and flowers with oil. And I will show you my fist pieces of oil painting which I have learnt at class.

My dear teacher asked me why did not you study art! why did you study Textile engineering!!??? I smiled. I told her that because of  my parents. They thought studying mathematics, physics, chemistry, … would be more helpful to have a good life! And I obeyed them! 

Also my supervisor ( my dear teacher at university) asked me why do not you continue art? why do you want to study PhD degree????  I told him art and painting are just for my heart! Let them remain for my hearts forever! I like studying too! let it remains for my brain forever!


Natalie Portman’s portrait: colored pencils painting

Natalie Portman's portrait : colored pencils painting

When I was a child, I was really interested in painting portraits. However, I am keen on painting flowers and hearts nowadays! I can hardly find a portrait to paint. But for practicing it, I started painting Natalie Portman’s portrait with colored pencil last week and it is unfinished. I wanted to describe how I painted it step by step, so I  upload some picture but I can not explain it as well as a native english speaker!

natalie portman portrait-coloredpencil (step1)

Step 1:  Paint her skin with these poly chrome colored pencils; Yellow Ochre – Light, Medium, Dark Flesh- Cinnamon- Brown Ochre

natalie portman portrait-coloredpencil (step2)

step 2: Add details of eyes and lips and paint them. Also divide hair by a dark brown pencil.
step 3: start painting dark area of her hair with a sharp pencil. Then by Raw umber paint the light area.

natalie portman portrait-coloredpencil step(3)

The roses in cyan vase : colored pencil painting (finished)

The roses inc cyan vase - colored pencil painting : 29cm*35.5cm

 This colored pencils painting contains 17 roses and a cyan ceramic vase, plus a basket. I bought that vase from a market in north of Iran. This basket is a handicraft which is sold in Torghabeh.

Imaginary Roses :watercolor painting

 Whenever I paint a rose, that reminds me “Antoine de Saint-Exupéry” and his “Le Petit Prince “.  I wish he was alive and I could give him a painting of a Rose.

 My teacher asked me to paint some imaginary roses, and I did it today with watercolor.

The imaginary roses: watercolor painting

 Also, I am painting some roses ( Again Roses 😀 ) with colored pencils.

The Roses in Cyan Vase (unfinished) : colored pencils