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Flying :oil painting on canvas (illustratiom)

Flying-oil painting canvas


A bird is singing (oil painting on canvas) finished

A bird is singing ( oil painting on winsor 20″x24″ canvas) finished

A bird is singing ( oil painting on winsor 20x24inch canvas)- finished

A sunflower – A bird is singing [oil painting on canvas] (unfinished)

I travelled to Rasht ( a city which is located in north of Iran and my Grandmothers’ hometown ) last week. I attended my aunt’s wedding. I went to the seashore (Caspian sea) and I took some photos too. Because of that journey I could not paint and check the internet. So you can see only 2 unfinished oil paints artworks here. One of them is a sunflower and another is a “A bird is singing”.

A sunflower (oil painting on canvas) unfinished

 I had painted it with oil pastel last year. But now I tried to paint it with oil paints.

A bird is singing oil painting on canvas (unfinished)

 I think painting this picture with oils is easier than painting with watercolor.

yeah … here … This is me and the biggest lake on the earth … yeah Caspian sea!!!

The flowers of hearts : oil painting on canvas

The flowers of hearts (unfinished): oil painting on canvas (8"x8")

This is a photos of an unfinished piece of painting “The flowers of hearts” which I am painting with oils on canvas.

A friend of mine told me that this method of painting about hearts and love is specially belongs to me!


Trees of hearts illustration




Acrylic Illustration (Gilan & Lorestan)


I draw a similar picture last year with colored pencils. It wasn’t shiny and took a long time to be finished. Now I am painting “the trees of hearts” again with acrylic colors on canvas. The right picture is a rural house in north of Iran (Gilan). The left one is Falak-ol-Aflak Castle which is a castle situated on the top of a large hill within the city of Khoramabad.

You can see the previous picture here.

The trees of heart