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Charcoal drawings of figures


Figure drawing with pencil

Figure drawing with pencil


Figure drawing with pencil

Figure drawing with pencil


Figure drawing with charcoal

Figure drawing with charcoal


Figure drawing with charcoal

Figure drawing with charcoal


Figure drawing with charcoal

Figure drawing with charcoal


Figure drawing with charcoal

Figure drawing with charcoal


Figure drawing with charcoal

Figure drawing with charcoal



The roses in basket : (colored pencil painting and conte-charcoal pencil drawing)

The roses is basket (colored pencils painting)

 Again I add a new post with 2 floral pieces of artworks.” The roses in basket ” that I painted with colored pencils and I drew it with charcoal-conte pencil.

The roses in basket conte-charcoal pencil drawing

Portrait of Dr. Ali Shariati- Drawing

Portrait of Dr. Ali Shariati- drawing


I am a fan of Dr. Ali Shariati. I drew his portrait with Mars Lumograph pencils. Here I typed some information about his life. you can find more in wikipedia.

Ali Shariati was born in 1933 in Kahak.He received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Mashhad (Mashhad is my hometown) in 1955. He then managed to obtain a scholarship for France, where he continued his graduate studies at the Sorbonne University.During this period in Paris, Shariati started collaborating with the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) in 1959. He then returned to Iran in 1964 where he was arrested and imprisoned for engaging in subversive political activities while in France. He was released after a few weeks, at which point he began teaching sociology at the University of Mashhad. Shariati then went to Tehran where he began lecturing at the Hosseiniye Ershad Institute. These lectures proved to be hugely popular among his students and were spread by word of mouth throughout all economic sectors of the society, including the middle and upper classes where interest in Shariati’s teachings began to grow immensely. Shariati’s continued success again aroused the interest of the government, which arrested him, as well as many of his students. Widespread pressure from the populace and an international outcry eventually led to his release after eighteen months in solitary confinement, and he was released on March 20, 1975. Shariati was allowed to leave the country for England. He died three weeks later in Southampton. Many people belives that he was killed there.


Ferdowsi ‘s statue

 Ferdowsi (or Firdausi, Firdavsi), (940–1020 C.E.) is a highly revered Persian poet. His masterpiece, the Shahnameh (Book of Kings), is the most popular and influential national epic in Iran and other Persian speaking nations.

Ferdowsi 's statue : drawing

So I decided to paint his statue which is located in Toos, near our city. I used a photo which I cut from a newspaper to draw it with Mars Lumograph pencils. After transferring it to watercolor paper, I painted it with watercolor. Because I use Ultrasurf to open wordpress weblog ( it filters in our country) , I have a lot of problem to connect internet and some time its speed is awful. Today the speed become better and I do not now whether to-morrow it will get worse or not. So I decided to show you this unfinished piece today. Perhaps I made some mistakes in choosing colors for painting the statue, would you mind telling me what should I do??

Ferdowsi 's statue : painting with watercolor

 And here, you can see ” The flowers of hearts”. I painted with oils and it finished. But I think it is not dried.

"The flowers of hearts" (finished) : oil painting on canvas (8"x8")

The roses in basket : watercolor painting and a drawing of Roodsar (landscape)

A friend of mine took a photo of Roodsar  which is a city in north of Iran and sent it for me. I drew it today with Staedtler triplus fineliner pen.  I will paint it with watercolor.

Roodsar : drawing with pen

Also I started painting some roses in a basket with watercolor, but I encountered a problem. There are two white rose in the photo, and I do not know which colors are better for their shaded area? Perhaps I have to wait till saturday to ask  my teacher the solution.

The roses in basket : watercolor painting - size A3


By the way, I started learning oil painting. Yesterday I had a headache because of smelling Thinner. We ussually use it for cleaning of  our devices  but  My teacher taught me some additional techniques. Although they are fast way to make some dreamlike picture,  I will never try those techniques again!!!

My sunglasses : drawing

My sunglasses: drawing

 I do not know why I can not find something to paint? There are a lot of stuff in my room,but I can not choose!

  Last night, finally I start drawing my sunglasses! But I have not found something to paint with watercolor!

Some leaves: Drawing

   Our teacher asked us to draw some different leaves in different way so that others can recognize them easily. I chose Quince, Rose, Chrysanthemum, Nasturtium, Virginia creeper.  Can you find them?

I also wrote beside each leaf that which pencils (8B,…B,H,…,6H) was used. 

Drawing Some Leaves

By the way, last night, my mother bought me a black metallic Easel Painting. I am really HAPPY.