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Adonis, Roses, lily (watercolor painting)

I came back again!

with some painting of Adonis, Roses and lily in watercolor. comparing to my last artworks, you can see some changes in my painting!!

I have studied drawing and painting at art university. I will write more about my studying.

lily flower

lily flower



Roses in basket (2)

Roses in basket (2)

Clay vase- water ink painting

Clay vase- water ink painting

Clay vase and grape -Water ink painting

Clay vase and grape -Water ink painting


A sunflower : watercolor painting

A sunflower : watercolor painting (size A3)

I worried about my friends who lives in USA because of that earthquake which struck yesterday. Thank God they are OK now.

I painted a Sunflower with watercolor. I like its colors , they are shiny and warm. I like sunflowers because I think (or I feel) they love the sun.

Ferdowsi ‘s statue

 Ferdowsi (or Firdausi, Firdavsi), (940–1020 C.E.) is a highly revered Persian poet. His masterpiece, the Shahnameh (Book of Kings), is the most popular and influential national epic in Iran and other Persian speaking nations.

Ferdowsi 's statue : drawing

So I decided to paint his statue which is located in Toos, near our city. I used a photo which I cut from a newspaper to draw it with Mars Lumograph pencils. After transferring it to watercolor paper, I painted it with watercolor. Because I use Ultrasurf to open wordpress weblog ( it filters in our country) , I have a lot of problem to connect internet and some time its speed is awful. Today the speed become better and I do not now whether to-morrow it will get worse or not. So I decided to show you this unfinished piece today. Perhaps I made some mistakes in choosing colors for painting the statue, would you mind telling me what should I do??

Ferdowsi 's statue : painting with watercolor

 And here, you can see ” The flowers of hearts”. I painted with oils and it finished. But I think it is not dried.

"The flowers of hearts" (finished) : oil painting on canvas (8"x8")

The pink primroses: oil pastel and watercolor painting

The pink primroses: oil pastel and watercolor painting

First I painted background with watercolor! Then I painted the primroses and leaves with oil pastel.

A Magnolia : watercolor painting

A magnolia : watercolor painting - 22cm*22cm

 In previous post, I mentioned that my teacher had given me a Magnolia as gift and she asked me to paint it. I did not have enough time last week, because I was on the journey. So I painted it today with the help of a photo which I had taken. I was in Tehran and I met my university friends and my supervisor. Also I bought some oil paints. I want to learn oil painting in summer!

The roses in cyan vase : colored pencil painting (finished)

The roses inc cyan vase - colored pencil painting : 29cm*35.5cm

 This colored pencils painting contains 17 roses and a cyan ceramic vase, plus a basket. I bought that vase from a market in north of Iran. This basket is a handicraft which is sold in Torghabeh.

A Sunflower : Oil Pastel Painting

A sunflower : oil pastel painting


Do you know how much does a smile worth? And how much does happiness cost? What is the value of Love if it was sold? I think these are something worthwhile for me! And they cannot be sold or exchanged with money!  I am sure that I will choose a name with the meaning of happiness and merry for my child in future! I know there is nothing more important than a SMILE, a heart full of pure Love and a soul filled with Joy.

Ok, I am working on the “The Roses in Cyan Vase” picture and it is unfinished. So I want to show one of my old painting(year : 2010)  which I painted it with oil pastel. Yeah! A sunflower! 😀 A friend of mine told me that it is look like some impressionists’ artworks. I am not sure whether he is true or not. Perhaps it remind him, Van Gogh’s  “The sunflowers” .