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watercolor and oil paintings

These are some pieces which I have painted these days.

1. The gazania flowers-oil painting on canvas -14X18″

Gazania flowers (oil painting on canvas)

2. The roses in basket -watercolor painting – in progress

The roses is basket (watercolor painting-in progress)

3. The hearts : an illustration

It was actually a painting of some apples, but I hate it. I used a lot of oil to dilute the paints. It took a long time to dry. I painted some hearts on it later.


The hearts-oil painting on canvas-illustration

4. The water lillies – oil painting on canvas

The Waterlillies (oil painting on canvas) 14X18"


Som unfinished artworks (oil painting and colored pencils)

The result of PhD examination was published last week and I was rejected, unfortunately. I know that I am a talented student, the only reason for rejecting me and other genius is political. I was too sad, desperate. I wish I could continue my studying. So nowadays I prefer painting and painting.

These are some unfinished art works which I am painting.

The first one is The Chain of hearts. This is one of my desires that all people respect  each other.

Chain of hearts (oil painting on canvas) unfinished

 The second is “A bird is singing” which I am painting with Fine oils on Winsor canvas.

A bird is singing ( oil painting on canvas) unfinished


The third one is “The water lilies”. I think I have to paint flowers again.


The waterlillies (oil painting on canvas) unfinished


The forth on is “Gazania flowers”.

The Gazania flowers (oil painting on canvas) unfinished

And the last one is “The roses” which I am painting with colored pencils.


The roses (colored pensils) unfinished


The purple irises (oil painting on canvas) – For your pure love (oil painting on canvas)

The purple irises (oil painting on canvas) : During last month I have painted this piece in art class. Actually this is my first attempt to paint with oils.

The purple irises (oil painting on canvas 30cm*20cm


 For your pure love (oil painting on canvas) : This piece is an illustration with oils on canvas. Again there are a lot of flowers and hearts. I added some butterflies and circles here.

For your pure love - oil painting - illustration - 8"*8"

Ferdowsi ‘s statue

 Ferdowsi (or Firdausi, Firdavsi), (940–1020 C.E.) is a highly revered Persian poet. His masterpiece, the Shahnameh (Book of Kings), is the most popular and influential national epic in Iran and other Persian speaking nations.

Ferdowsi 's statue : drawing

So I decided to paint his statue which is located in Toos, near our city. I used a photo which I cut from a newspaper to draw it with Mars Lumograph pencils. After transferring it to watercolor paper, I painted it with watercolor. Because I use Ultrasurf to open wordpress weblog ( it filters in our country) , I have a lot of problem to connect internet and some time its speed is awful. Today the speed become better and I do not now whether to-morrow it will get worse or not. So I decided to show you this unfinished piece today. Perhaps I made some mistakes in choosing colors for painting the statue, would you mind telling me what should I do??

Ferdowsi 's statue : painting with watercolor

 And here, you can see ” The flowers of hearts”. I painted with oils and it finished. But I think it is not dried.

"The flowers of hearts" (finished) : oil painting on canvas (8"x8")

The flowers of hearts : oil painting on canvas

The flowers of hearts (unfinished): oil painting on canvas (8"x8")

This is a photos of an unfinished piece of painting “The flowers of hearts” which I am painting with oils on canvas.

A friend of mine told me that this method of painting about hearts and love is specially belongs to me!


My heart will go on:Acrylic Painting

About 3 years ago, I gave a panting to my roommate as a gift for her marriage which was full of hearts and flowers. Since that time, I have  drawn many of these Hearts painting with colored pencils. 10 days ago I started again painting Hearts but with Acrylic on canvas. Because I love “My heart will go on” Lyric , I chose this name for my painting.

My heart will go on : Acrylic painting on 20cm*20cm Canvas

The Fishes in heart pool :Acrylic painting

The Fishes in heart pool

I told Rick that I love painting about love. This is an illustration about love which I painted with acrylic on a black piece of paper!