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Adonis, Roses, lily (watercolor painting)

I came back again!

with some painting of Adonis, Roses and lily in watercolor. comparing to my last artworks, you can see some changes in my painting!!

I have studied drawing and painting at art university. I will write more about my studying.

lily flower

lily flower



Roses in basket (2)

Roses in basket (2)

Clay vase- water ink painting

Clay vase- water ink painting

Clay vase and grape -Water ink painting

Clay vase and grape -Water ink painting


watercolor and oil paintings

These are some pieces which I have painted these days.

1. The gazania flowers-oil painting on canvas -14X18″

Gazania flowers (oil painting on canvas)

2. The roses in basket -watercolor painting – in progress

The roses is basket (watercolor painting-in progress)

3. The hearts : an illustration

It was actually a painting of some apples, but I hate it. I used a lot of oil to dilute the paints. It took a long time to dry. I painted some hearts on it later.


The hearts-oil painting on canvas-illustration

4. The water lillies – oil painting on canvas

The Waterlillies (oil painting on canvas) 14X18"

The roses in basket : (colored pencil painting and conte-charcoal pencil drawing)

The roses is basket (colored pencils painting)

 Again I add a new post with 2 floral pieces of artworks.” The roses in basket ” that I painted with colored pencils and I drew it with charcoal-conte pencil.

The roses in basket conte-charcoal pencil drawing

Som unfinished artworks (oil painting and colored pencils)

The result of PhD examination was published last week and I was rejected, unfortunately. I know that I am a talented student, the only reason for rejecting me and other genius is political. I was too sad, desperate. I wish I could continue my studying. So nowadays I prefer painting and painting.

These are some unfinished art works which I am painting.

The first one is The Chain of hearts. This is one of my desires that all people respect  each other.

Chain of hearts (oil painting on canvas) unfinished

 The second is “A bird is singing” which I am painting with Fine oils on Winsor canvas.

A bird is singing ( oil painting on canvas) unfinished


The third one is “The water lilies”. I think I have to paint flowers again.


The waterlillies (oil painting on canvas) unfinished


The forth on is “Gazania flowers”.

The Gazania flowers (oil painting on canvas) unfinished

And the last one is “The roses” which I am painting with colored pencils.


The roses (colored pensils) unfinished


Red roses of back yard : watercolor painting

Red roses of back yard - watercolor painting

My mother and I like flowers. She likes gardening and I like painting her flowers. This piece is a painting of red roses of our backyard. I painted it with watercolor.

(A pink rose)Oil painting,(2 Galaxies) watercolor abstract, (The roses in vase) soft pastel

The Pink Rose - oil painting on canvas

(A pink rose)Oil painting on canvas

(A Galaxy) watercolor abstract

A galaxy : watercolor abstract

Heart galaxy (watercolor abstract)


The hearts galaxy : watercolor abstract

(The roses in vase) soft pastel

The roses in vase-soft pastel painting


Roses : Oil pastel painting

Today when I was teaching to my another student named Sara I realized that there are 2 important factors in painting with oil pastel. The first one is paper quality and the second is oil pastel brand. I do not want to explain how paper quality might affect your painting now. So the second one:  I asked her to bought LYRA oil pastel because of its softness. but she could not find it. we had a lot of problem with hers today. For example We could not mixed colors well. Also many of its colors could not cover each other!  We understood that LYRA oil pastel is far better than hers!  So if you want to buy, I suggest it. 

The roses : oil pastel painting

The roses : oil pastel painting

And by the way, Happy Birthday Dear Tootoo. I hope ,tomorrow, God will give you the best gift which you have desired!