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Adonis, Roses, lily (watercolor painting)

I came back again!

with some painting of Adonis, Roses and lily in watercolor. comparing to my last artworks, you can see some changes in my painting!!

I have studied drawing and painting at art university. I will write more about my studying.

lily flower

lily flower



Roses in basket (2)

Roses in basket (2)

Clay vase- water ink painting

Clay vase- water ink painting

Clay vase and grape -Water ink painting

Clay vase and grape -Water ink painting


watercolor and oil paintings

These are some pieces which I have painted these days.

1. The gazania flowers-oil painting on canvas -14X18″

Gazania flowers (oil painting on canvas)

2. The roses in basket -watercolor painting – in progress

The roses is basket (watercolor painting-in progress)

3. The hearts : an illustration

It was actually a painting of some apples, but I hate it. I used a lot of oil to dilute the paints. It took a long time to dry. I painted some hearts on it later.


The hearts-oil painting on canvas-illustration

4. The water lillies – oil painting on canvas

The Waterlillies (oil painting on canvas) 14X18"

An antique oil lamp (watercolor painting)

antique oil lamp (watercolor painting)


I travelled to Rasht last month, and also I visited Caspian Sea. It is actually a very big lake. Perhaps you have been eaten Iranian Caviar. Yeah, the caviar fish lives in Caspian Sea. I bought souvenirs; one of them is an antique oil lamp. I painted this lamp with watercolor.

By the way, I made a sand man at the beach! I like it very much.

My sand man

Hanna : a little girl (watercolor painting) and 2 other artworks

I wish I could paint her better. Yeah, this is Hanna. She is 4 year old. I used a photo to paint her with watercolor (wet in wet), but the paper quality was not good enough for painting a portrait. This was the first time, so I was confused … choosing right colors and mixing…………. I will do it again and again…

Hanna : a little girl (watercolor painting)

I painted some Gazania flowers last day.

The gazania flower-watercolor painting

A sunflower (oil painting on canvas) is finished.

A sunflower : oil painting on canvas

A bird is singing : watercolor painting

A bird is singing - watercolor painting

There are 2 little  black and white birds that they sit behind windows everyday.  They have a sweet song. They knock on the window because they see themselves in window (it is like a mirror in day). So I decided to paint birds. I found this model in my teacher ‘s archive and I borrowed it to paint with oils, I also painted it with watercolor. I do not know who was the original painter of this model but I think he/she might be very patient , it has too many details. And this is the original picture.

A sunflower : watercolor painting

A sunflower : watercolor painting (size A3)

I worried about my friends who lives in USA because of that earthquake which struck yesterday. Thank God they are OK now.

I painted a Sunflower with watercolor. I like its colors , they are shiny and warm. I like sunflowers because I think (or I feel) they love the sun.

(A pink rose)Oil painting,(2 Galaxies) watercolor abstract, (The roses in vase) soft pastel

The Pink Rose - oil painting on canvas

(A pink rose)Oil painting on canvas

(A Galaxy) watercolor abstract

A galaxy : watercolor abstract

Heart galaxy (watercolor abstract)


The hearts galaxy : watercolor abstract

(The roses in vase) soft pastel

The roses in vase-soft pastel painting